K9 Officer for SAPD

K9 Officer for SAPD

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.”
John 15:13

The Santa Ana Police Department currently employs five K9 officer teams, in which each team consists of a canine and handler. As an important member of the department, these K9 officers offer many great benefits. One of which is a large reduction in violent confrontations, which is safer for both the officer and suspect. They also provide greater efficiency in search, whereas one dog can cover an area in the same amount of time as five officers.

In addition to the benefits a K9 officer provides the department, they are also of significant importance to the citizens of Santa Ana, California. These highly trained police service dogs work daily in all aspects of community protection including; security in government buildings, school yards, drug busts, crime scene investigations, street patrol and more.

Adlerhorst International Inc.

The SAPD procures their K9 officer’s through Adlerhorst International Inc., located in Riverside, California. Since 1976, Adlerhorst has provided quality police service dogs to over 500 law enforcement agencies both Nationwide and International. They are highly regarded as one of the top, private police dog schools in the world and have introduced many state-of-the-art theories and techniques that are commonly practiced throughout the industry.

Police Service Dog Procurement

The dogs that the SAPD receives from Adlerhorst, are originally procured in Germany, from European trainers. before transporting to the States. Through a comprehensive testing process, each dog is confirmed to have a strong genetic background, a working European title, as well as the appropriate skill sets required to be service police dog. Lastly, their hips, backs and elbows are x-rayed during a Vet screening before transporting to the States.

Academy & Continued Training

Once procured, State law requires the canine and handler participate in a six week academy and then 20 hours of continued training per month. The initial six week academy mainly covers basic patrol. The continued monthly training involves detection and agitator classes that teach proper techniques and behavior theories.

  • K9 Training 1
  • K9 Training 2
  • K9 Training 3
  • K9 Training 4


Since the recent retirement of a long-serving, SAPD K9 officer, finding a replacement has been a top priority. Funds raised for this campaign will be directly donated to the Santa Ana Police Department, exclusively for the purchase, training, and care of a new canine officer.

  • Cost of K9 Officer: $10,400
  • Six Week Academy: $4,500
  • Continued Training: $158 per Month for Dog/Handler Combo

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In Memory of...

Ark Animals Ministries mourns the loss of Sultan, K9 Officer for the San Jacinto Police Department, but rejoices in the knowledge that he is in a "forever home" with the Lord. well done good and faithful servant.

Sultan the K9 Office

This photo was taken during K9 training, Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Sultan passed away on January 21, 2015, two weeks after this photo was taken.